Posted by: Diane | October 27, 2009


Such a big word… encompasses so many things…

I am in Marketing.  So many people say that but how many know what it means?  To me, it’s everything.  When I was little I used to yell at the TV when I encountered bad commercials. 

All Marketing falls into 3 buckets.

1. Getting consumers to do something.

2. Getting consumers to believe something.

3. Crap.

Sadly most Marketing falls into the 3rd bucket. 

There are countless tools available to Marketers these days… the traditional ‘Marketing Mix’ sought by advertisers is no longer effective.  That ‘Marketing Mix’ referred to print media, radio and TV if affordable.  With the last decade presenting countless new opportunities… All can be effective if used correctly.

More to come.  Feel free to leave comment and ask questions!


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